Vivid Card: the video brochure that you can’t ignore!

Strong power of attraction

The Vivid Card video brochure is a unique combination of print with moving image and sound. The film starts automatically when the video brochure is opened and immediately grabs one’s attention. The best of both worlds combined in a single medium. A way to guarantee your message has an impact.

Wide range of applications

With Vivid Card, you can create a striking and original video invitation, user’s guide, business card, direct mail, etc. Your communication will not go unnoticed! Thanks to the high visual value of the video, the card will be kept longer as well.

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Very short delivery times

We are very flexible in our delivery times. Small print runs in standard formats can be delivered very quickly.

!!New!! IPS screens

Our LCD screens are now more advanced IPS screens. These provide better colour fidelity, higher contrast, higher resolution and a wider viewing angle than a standard LCD display.

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Extensive personalization

Address the recipient directly by personalizing the cover of the brochure and the video’s start screen with his/her full name. Your message could not be more unique.

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Delivery throughout Europe

Vivid Card delivers video brochures to every European country: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, etc.

No minimum print run

Whether you want a hundred copies of your video brochure or just need one, any print run is possible.

Choice of formats

In addition to the standard A6, A5 and A4 formats (portrait or landscape), the video brochure card is available in any format you wish. A square model, for instance, would be all the more noticeable.

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