Frequently Asked Questions about video brochures

Are video brochures bad for the environment?

Vivid Card strives for sustainability and has set up a recycling programme to reuse and recycle video brochures and other integrated electronics. Read more about the programme on

What is the connection at the bottom of the card used for?

The connection at the bottom of the card is a USB connection. With the USB cable supplied with the card, you can connect it to your computer. This allows you to recharge the battery or to install new videos.

I’ve opened the Vivid Card but nothing happens?

The internal battery may be drained. Every video brochure is delivered 100% charged, for a playing time of around 1.5 to 2 hours. After that, you can easily recharge the battery using the USB cable supplied with the card, which can be connected to your computer or an external power adaptor.

Are the files already loaded up when the cards are delivered?

Yes, the video brochures are delivered with the video(s) pre-loaded.

Is it possible to update the data afterwards?

Yes, with the USB cable supplied, you can connect the video brochure to your computer. You can remove the old video(s) and install new ones. This way you can ensure your video brochures are always up to date!