Personalization makes your communication even more effective.

Uniquely thorough personalization

Your video brochures are fully personalized with the first and last names of the recipients. This can be done on the cover, inside and outside of the brochure, with a screen before the video starts or even printed on the screen. Possible only with Vivid Card!

Personalized start screen

When the video brochure is opened, it takes 3 to 4 seconds for the video to start. During that time, your logo or another image of your choice can appear, if you wish. If you also have the names of your addressees, we can have their first and last names appear on the start screen.

How does that work?

To display the names of the recipients, all we need is an Excel file. For the start screen, you can provide us with a generic image or a logo. We will then ensure that each video brochure is given a personal touch.

360° service

We don’t only make the personalized Vivid Cards. You can also ask us to mail the video brochures out to the addressees. We provide special postal packaging or custom-made boxes.

videobrochure doos

New: cable box

videobrochure kabeldoosje

Because a loose USB cable often gets lost, we send the cable in a little box specially made for the purpose. We can print your logo on the box if you wish.